What We Do At Tika Apps.

We build well-designed softwares in order to make our costumers’ lives easier and their projects more efficient. Carefully tailoring the design to the end user’s needs, with elegantly written code is what we do.

Research & Discovery

In order to have a well-built software, many complex procedures are needed. That’s why it would be a risk if it’s not done in a professional and right way. Through a collaborative research and discovery process, a shared vision is established and we make sure that the most suitable product is delivered to the right possible audience.

Product Design

Having a solid architecture and clean code is certainly important and necessary. But design is what truly sets the tone for a digital product. Effective simple design enables users to understand and interact with ease and comfort.


We turn your ideas into a reality by working together as partners. Our skilled team of designers create digital experiences which suit your users and feels just right.

Mobile Development

iOS Development

At Tika Apps, we have Apple geeks, providing Apple experiences for Apple customers. We believe that each platform is unique, that’s why we deliver unique experiences through native code written in Objective-C and Swift.

Android Development

Bringing a material design to life has many needs that mainly include a well selected team of android engineers which their job insists on using Java and Kotlin, supported by test-driven development (TDD).

Web Development

Frontend Development

There must be a way to figure out the web and its complexities. Using latest JavaScript technologies such as Angular and React, we create web apps that have beautiful design and are super fast.

Backend Development

A new web app, custom backend systems, integrations or lightning-fast APIs ? We do it all using rock-solid enterprise and scalable technologies such as NodeJS, .Net Core and Python.

Connected Devices

Internet of Things

It’s our role to make your product shine in the best way ever, and that’s due to the realm of real-world objects that are joining the internet.


Cloud Services and DevOps

There must be a suitable–sized home for your digital projects. We do it by providing you a custom build system that can not only deploy, but also monitor and maintain them in the wide web.

Quality Assurance

Software Testing & QA

Perfection is one of our main goals priorities, within our in-house QA team, we have unified the quality assurance throughout all phases of software development.

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